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CICHOCKI Matthew Polish citizen, President of the Organization (Peuples Observateurs 2010) fights for the dropping of "Nazi" dictatorship in Togo (West Africa), which lasts for more than fifty years the father ans son Gnassingbe.

Matthew Cichocki, Polish militant anti-colonial, was on hunger strike in protest against the participation of the European Union rigged elections in Togo (West Africa. Asked him to explain his fight.

What is going on in Togo?

Mathieu: March 4, 2010, during the counting of votes, dictatorial regime in power for almost 50 years, he used deception by the CENI (National Election Commission), but according to the dictatorship. Reception VSAT satellite system to detect the fraud is stopped! From that moment on, the results were collected in order for the exit polls in the voting centers. Togo sovereign people voted overwhelmingly for the candidate changes, transformations: the opponent, Jean-Pierre Fabre! But once again, the dictatorship of the stolen elections financed by the European Union in the amount of 20 million euros in taxpayers' expense, like us! Global crisis, this is outrageous! Or the EU have free and fair elections in our name! Or at least it will give up the human community will know what to expect ... In the last election in 2005 the regime of President Faure Gnassingbe had killed more than 1,000 people were injured, and tens of thousands of refugees! I ask myself a simple question: does the fact that the sovereign people will vote for his executioner? Here in the West we have a chance to vote peacefully and that the State shall respect the popular expression, although in recent times, abstention important to the regional elections. There, people vote in large numbers, the necessity of danger, but the system is needlessly murdered his will! Enough!
Also in 2013, the opposition continued to arrest, torture, disappearances, violence against people, especially women, in a hopeless situation, in January 2013 with the fire main markets of large cities, in the business center of Africa, traders punished by a dictator because the Togo opposition suuportent powerful way forever! How in these conditions, elections were held in less than 6 weeks! (Theoretically, the election date was adopted by the regime unilaterally March 24, 2013)

Qu'exiges you about the European Union?

In 2010, after the election was tampered with at least another election farce cancel and request a refund by the dictatorship Togo 20 million funded at a loss to use to create new jobs, for example. Beyond what would be fair is to recognize the election of Jean-Pierre Fabre as the new President of Togo year the fiftieth anniversary of the independence of this country! What symbol! Today in 2013, calling for an international investigation into the fire on the markets in Togo and the European Union, we demand not to finance the next election as a system is not compatible with exigenges contracts signed since 2006 to achieve transparent elections.

You know Africa well, living there, and you have to fight for emancipation. In your opinion, how it can be from the continent and the internationalist activists, we can help you?

In fact, he spent several years in West Africa, particularly in Togo. First, you must know that in this region is the only country where there was no alternate elective, it is actually a "Albania" Africa at the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall! Let me be clear to all those who say, here in Europe, I tell them that "Africans home!": "It's good to make sure that our governments allow for the emergence of democracy, which resides in these countries a balance that allows for the return of the diaspora, that returns the "new life" to the countries concerned. "Secondly, the new free and democratic state to regain control over their geological heritage, if you know what I mean when I say that the girl and the son of the Mother Continent to return humanity to enrich their knowledge of the country to do! Finally, the direction of change, such as immigration, the wealth of the country is below the equator, it will be our turn to apply for a visa to work in Africa!

Do you know what an echo met his share?

She put the light on this unacceptable situation of the Gulf of Guinea, where, under the mandate of the dictator usurped his son, who took over in the blood, sir rollers in the luxury car brand 'Maybach' cost about 2 million, while 75% of the population lives below the poverty line, UN benchmarks! But the country is rich because it has mines of gold, coltan, phosphate and even Nafta "offshore" ...
This year, we will generate a plan to "throw" the dictatorship by, and I hope that the Poles who are known to travel all over the world can benefit from interest in what is happening in Africa, where everything remains to be done ...

There, the limit is a dream! Long live the revolution!

Mathieu CICHOCKI President of the "Peuples-Observateurs 2010" (Peoples Followers 2010) (French Language)

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